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YuanZheng (abbreviated to "YZ")  R & D Center is a professional research organization for engineering plastic. The R & D Center has been rewarded with “Achievement transformation base of Hebei Academy of Sciences Energy Research Institute” “Hebei special engineering plastics processing and Application Engineering Technology Research Center”  “Hebei special engineering plastics engineering laboratory” “Hebei major scientific and technological achievements transformation project undertaking unit” and “A R & D institution of Hebei Industrial Enterprises”. The R & D Center also is the graduate practice base of Tsinghua University

The R & D Center mainly researches in production testing, issuing internal test report and technical research and innovation; and these support the enterprise for sustainable development. The R & D Center can also provide inspection of engineering plastic products for other enterprises.

Through the advanced equipment and analyzing methods, the R & D Center can test on a variety of physical performance indicators of engineering plastics, such as, density, tensile, hardness, compressive strength, impact resistance, compressive deformation and so on. The R & D Center can also make wear test under different temperature and long distance conditions and microstructure analysis of the material.

Based on the policy of learning and research with the colleges and universities, the R & D Center has a partnership with Tsinghua University, PDIRM, Xi'an Jiaotong University, North China Electric Power University, Hebei University of Science & Technology for the production,.

The R & D Center has got 2 fluorine plastic products invention patents and 1 Key Technologies in recent years. We have filled a blank of the country for the new product of modified PTFE sliding plate for bridge bearing was developed. We have chaired and drafted the JT/T901-2014 “Polymer material slide plate for bridge bearing " standard in the transportation industry according to the experimental techniques of the R & D Center. This standard includes parts of the European-standard is of the lead position in domestic level, and it promote the standardization of the bridge bearing slide and the improvement of product quality.