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PTFE Thread
Author:admin   Release date:2018-4-9 16:30:53

    PTFE thread has features of high strength,good insulation,anti-adherence,acid-resistance and anti-corrosion. It has a good effect to remove all kinds of mist, spray and impurity particles in the air and make gas-liquid separation for wire mesh demister and gas-liquid filter in various industries, such as petroleum,chemical engineering, medicine, light industry, metallurgy and machinery and so on. At the same time,wire mesh demister and gas-liquid filter which are made up with PTFE  fiber don’t have to be cleaned. And  they are easy to be examined, repaired and installed. What is more ,PTFE thread has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature tolerance,long service life and good defoming effect. Other specifications are available on request.