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Water Saving and PM2.5 Removal System
Author:admin   Release date:2018-4-8 15:24:46

The Fluoroplastics Heat Exchanger which has been disposed in the horizontal flue between the outlet of the desulfurization tower and the chimney can separate the PM2.5 dust in the gas after desulfurization by the phenomenon of "Phase change condensation" and "swimming ability" to realize the clean emission of flue gas.

The Fluoroplastics Heat Exchangers can recover large amounts of latent heat in the process of gas heat cooling down to realize the role of energy conservation,and the water vapor in the smoke also condenses and fallsat the same time so that to realize the second water saving. In a word,the goal of no water consumption in the desulfurization system has realized by the Fluoroplastics Heat Exchangers.