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    Shenzhou Yuanzheng Plastic Co. Ltd which is one of the important enterprises of Shenzhou Yuanzheng group is to start early in the north of China and is the large enterprise to process the fluorine plastics.

    The main products: PTFE film, wide PTFE film, precision parts, thread tape and various parts products. The characteristics of the product are corrosion resistance, sealing, friction resistance, temperature resistance, insulation, self-lubricating, andanti-aging properties.It is widely used in the fields of machinery, chemical industry, building, electronic, military and other areas. The product which has good markets in more than 10 provinces and cities and would be exported to the United States, European Union, Russia, South Korea, France, Iran and other countries and regions are popular with customers. 

    Company has a well-trained technical force and advanced production technology and equipment, complete inspection method for quality and production experience for many years and carrys out innovation for technology and product continuously. All indicators of PTFE film products are better than that of the standard issued by superior department. The product has stable performance and high quality which is identified as “High-tech products in Hebei province”, wins the gold medal “Tenth China patent new technology and new product exposition” and through the appraisal of the provincial science and technology achievement. Besides, the technology and main performance indicators have reached the advanced level in the domestic market.

    “Based on quality and honesty, make improvement continuously to meet with customer satisfaction.” is our quality policy. Our working aim is to meet with the personalized needs of customers for product. The last is that our company carrys out strict quality management in full implementation.